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OWS, in German, is an abbreviation for “Oder Was Sonst” meaning “Or what Else?.” The company was started by Klaus Bosshammer to become the premier supplier of the highest quality german products used by the automotive industry, focusing on additives, technical spray can products and lubricants.   When we first came into the market, we introduced our additives to a new market under our “Vitamins for your Car” trademark. We can proudly say that through the efforts of our sales force, a large percentage of the automotive industry have now been educated to using our additives on a regular basis as part of their service. OWS can also count among its achievements as being the leading supplier of additives and technical spray cans to many of the official motorcar dealership. Today, OWS is one of the largest independent manufacturers of lubricants, additives and car care product with its own operations in Germany (Production Facility), Singapore (Asian Sales Headquarters) and Philippines, and working with distribution partners in more that 80 countries worldwide. At our factory located in Breuna, Germany we manufacture with the highest standards of quality in accordance with the strict ISO 9001 Quality Management System, through which OWS offers it customers the highest level of safety and quality.

Products and services

OWS lubricants, gear and transmission oils are produced in Germany to the highest standards and we ensure that the oil that we sell exceeds the requirements of Authorities like API and ACEA and also individual manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Porsche. Because we only produce in Germany, you are assured that every drop that we sell worldwide is the same. The same Quality, Performance and the highest level of Protection.

Performance 3 IN 1 System

Tests have proven that the average motorist loses 5-15% Engine Performance and up to 30% Fuel Economy due to carbon & sludge build-up, dirty valves & fuel system. OWS proven system from Germany will restore and maintain your car’s performance like new always! Insist on OWS Performance 3-in-1 System with your next oil change!

OWS Multilight SAE 5W-40

Advanced High Performance Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - OWS Multilight SAE 5W-40 100% fully synthetic formulation protects against friction, heat and corrosion, keeping engines healthy and efficient. OWS Überclean® additives reduces carbon and sludge build up even under severe driving conditions. Excellent range of applications; ranging from K class engines to WTI / VTEC engines to European engines. Also appropriate for use in turbo-charged cars giving improved engine quietness and reduced emissions. Sustained horsepower and torque throughout the life of your engine with regular use; works best with OWS Performance 3-in-1 System.

OWS Synthogear LS SAE 85W-140

High Performance LS Manual Gear Oil - OWS Synthogear LS SAE 85W-140 is a high performance limited slip gearbox oil with special EP (Extreme Pressure) additives for high-performance gearboxes, rear axles and hypoid final drives fitted with Limited-Slip Differential. Promotes smooth-shifting, quieter operation and excellent wear and tear protection. Excellent for high performance modified vehicles operating under high heat and load even for competition use.

OWS Our Workshop System
Im Strang 1
34479 Breuna

Phone: +65 98 183860
Internet: www.ows-germany.com
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Singapore (Asia HQ) - Our Workshop System (S) Pte Ltd.
51F Tuas South Avenue1, Tuas Cove Industrial Centre
Singapore 637265
Republic of Singapore

Phone: +65 6452 3209
Internet: www.ows-germany.com
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