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Innovation in the field of motor oils – The USVO technology

RAVENOL is introducing a new motor oil technology called Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil, or USVO®. This technology was developed and tested with motor racing partners and is now being introduced for road cars.
The abbreviation USVO® stands for the English title Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil and expresses the special characteristic of viscosity, i.e. counting fluid of the oil in connection with temperature fluctuations.
The innovative USVO® technology enables extremely high viscosity stability under all temperature and operating conditions.
The USVO® technology developed by RAVENOL offers better engine protection, improved performance, optimal engine cleanliness and extended oil change intervals. In order for RAVENOL customers to quickly recognize these products in retail, they will now be sold with the new USVO® seal. These new innovative products from RAVENOL are, of course, "Made in Germany".

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