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IONSTAR, the unique anti-static pistol

IONSTAR is a unique new device that can neutralise static charge and thus drastically reduce the problems caused by dust inclusions in the paint finish. After treatment with IONSTAR, surfaces no longer attract dust. Our product is therefore the perfect choice in situations where dust is unwanted or a problem.
The IONSTAR, from Herrmann-Lack-Technik, neutralises electrostatic charge and cleans in one operation. After connection to the compressed air system, it generates its power using a turbine integrated into the device, releasing a strong jet of air that is rich with positive and negative ions. The IONSTAR therefore neither requires power supply cables nor battery-packs.

What makes IONSTAR so unique ?
- IONSTAR optimizes the paint application process.
- IONSTAR Needs neither power cables nor batteries
- IONSTAR Is light, manageable and robust.
- IONSTAR Increases efficiency and profitability
- IONSTAR is EX certified and approved for use in spray booths and spot repair workstations.

Exhibitor: Herrmann Lack-Technik